PAL Flights Go Back To Normal Operations

Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight operations had major interruptions over the weekend due to the worker’s row protests but the company is back to normal operations for both their international and domestic flights after the company’s newly-hired employees took over the vacated posts yesterday.

PAL senior vice president for communications, Joey de Guzman, announced that the outsourced manpower for check-in, baggage handling and catering services have already taken over the job. The transition was peaceful and uneventful at the NAIA Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 and PAL is back to full operation as of today.

However, there have been reports of isolated cases of verbal harassment from the old remaining PAL employees towards the new service crews but no physical encounters have occurred and no formal complaints have been filed.

As the issue of PALEA slowly becomes resolved, many are now wondering if the next big news for PAL will be tycoon Manny Pangilinan’s acquisition of the company. Though unofficial, many expect that this is a big possibility.

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